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Hosting Platform

Cosmic Link's servers use Linux

  • Its Very affordable
  • Our Server Supports PHP
  • Our Server Supports MySQL
  • And much more..

linuxWith more and more people looking for an alternative to Windows, Linux has recently grown in popularity and is quickly becoming a favorite among major corporations and curious desktop users. Not only does it give users a choice of operating systems, it also proves itself valuable with its power, flexibility, and reliability.

Our Servers are connected to the internet via The Hetzner Backbone and are located in Johannesburg, Capetown and In Germany

The Hetzner backbone provides the fastest international connection to the global Internet, and peering facilities for the routing of local traffic.

The hosting zone provides Cosmic Link with the following facilities ensuring 100% availability, speed and security:

High Speed Network - connects directly to the fibre backbone ensuring fast response times and quality of service.

24/7 Support -A 24/7 support desk, staffed by qualified personnel to deal with any connectivity issue that may arise.

Temperature Control - Air-conditioning systems regulate the temperature of the Data Centres maintaining an average of 22º C. This ensures a stable environment, ideally suited for optimal processor and switch equipment performance.

UPS Power Management - Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) and a backup generator support the external power feeds to the Data Centres, ensuring constant power supply in the even of power outages.

Physical Security - Physical access to the Data Centres is controlled by means of an online access control system. The Data Centre is also equipped with motion sensors, and security breach alarms.

Fire Protection - The Data Centre equipment and support rooms are contained in fire secure enclosures, incorporating high-tech smoke detection and fire suppression systems.


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